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"I always call in, when in New York, to see Ernest. I had only a brief chat with him on a recent occasion. Whilst Ernest laughs at the thought of the lever and buffer action being present in the swing I am satisfied it exists. You can go on swinging a club till you are blue in the face and never gain a yard in length unless you work on the 'heart of the swing' - the just before-and-after-impact section." Henry Cotton


The left wrist is acting as a hinge; it turns AFTER impact Henry Cotton 1952

Download : "Sixty years ago I remember that outstanding instructor Seymour Dunn proclaiming that golf was 85 per cent hands and only 15 per cent body. Nothing in a lifetime's experience in golf has happened to make me think otherwise. How right he has been!" 'THANKS FOR THE GAME' The Best of Golf With HENRY COTTON Sidgwick & Jackson London Penina 1980 Preface First published in 1980. Sir Thomas Henry Cotton, MBE, Open Champion 1934 (with a record round of 65), 1937 and 1948. British Ryder Cup Captain in 1947, 1953.

Download : "Then came a VERY FINE ANALYSIS by Mr. Scott, who showed the mechanical standpoint of the swing. He pointed out that the arms, hands and wrists of themselves do no more than rise perpendicularly and at the time of his writing this was considered as a new discovery. But Mr. Behr, in searching through some of Mr. Seymour Dunn's articles of 1907, has discovered the same thought expressed in a slightly different manner. Dunn says: ..." 'December 2, 1916 Sporting Life Affairs in the World of Golf The Hickory vs. the Steel Shaft the Subject of Much Discussion - The Drawbacks to the Steel shaft - A Little Discourse on the Question of Swing' By John G. Andersen Finalist in 1915 National Championship

Download : "It gives a back-handed kick of its own" and "Now what sort of hand resistance can be found ?" By Sir Henry Cotton, Open Champion 1934, 1937, 1948

Download : "the hands in a way really work in opposition to each other...This momentary stoppage is not discernible to the eye, but it exists just the same." Building Up A Game, Fifth of a Series of Articles Taking Up in Complete Detail a Course in Golf Instruction By Walter J. Travis, THE AMERICAN GOLFER, 1920

"A favorite phrase nowadays is "timing the club," by which is meant the securing of the full power of wrists, arms and body at the moment when the actual hit is made. The phrase is a good one, but unless the coach can explain how to bring about this desirable result the mere words will not help the beginner much. My theory is that this "timing" is dependent upon keeping back the left elbow, thereby enabling the full force of the stroke to be brought into the ball." Alex Smith


The Full Swing Stroke by Seymour Dunn 1922


Download : "The left hand must bear back against the right." FUNDAMENTAL 12. TRANSMIT POWER TO BALL. Original Golf Fundamentals, Seymour Dunn of the Dunns of Musselburgh, Scotland, 1934 (page 53). Scottish Professional golfer, TICONDEROGA Golf Course and Lake Placid U. S. A.

Download : "Dunn was tutored by Tom Morris" By H. S. C. Everard 'THE BADMINTON LIBRARY of SPORTS AND PASTIMES 1890 XIV. SOME CELEBRATED GOLFERS page 341 ; "about 1851, appointed custodian of Prestwick Links, just then newly established as a golf course" page 349 ; and "the twa Dunns, Willie and Jamie, graund players baith, nane better" old Tom Morris, 1886, page 430

"At the moment of impact the hands work not together but against each other. The left hand must bear back against the right. Immediately prior to and during the moment of the club's contact with the ball, the right hand speeds up the club head. It cannot do this if the left hand fails to offer a backward resistance against the upper end of the club handle. This back pressure of the left hand must be exerted at the moment of impact." Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland

Digitized by Google University of Michigan Wrists Snap Gene Sarazen 1924 Inscribed to Seymour Dunn and Signed by Gene Sarazen A409351
  • "It is to be regretted that many writers use the term "fundamental"
  • loosely when discussing matters of style, individual mannerisms,
  • or other important, but not fundamental, aspects of golf.
  • SLICE: The ball starts out to the right, usually at a very sharp angle,
  • rising at a normal height, and continues to curve to the right.
  • The fault is that the club comes into contact
  • with the ball facing very much to the right
  • of the intended line of play
  • because the club handle is ahead of the club head.
  • CAUSE: The left hand is failing in its function
  • as a fulcrum against which the right hand strikes.
  • A fulcrum is a support around which a lever turns.
  • A golf club is a lever and driving a ball is leverage.
  • In leverage there are three essentials:
  • (1) the resistance to be overcome (the ball's inertia),
  • (2) the power that drives the lever (this is supplied by the right hand),
  • and (3) the fulcrum (this is the left hand).
  • the hands work not together but against each other.
  • Immediately prior to and during the MOMENT of the club's contact
  • with the ball, the right hand speeds up the club head.
  • It cannot do this if the left hand
  • fails to offer a backward resistance
  • against the upper end of the club handle.
  • Of course, while this forward pressure of the right hand
  • and backward resistance of the left is going on,
  • the sweep of the arms and the...
  • Nevertheless, the hands do work decidedly
  • against each other.
  • If they don't, the club handle will go
  • through ahead of the clubhead
  • and a slice will be the result." Dunn
  • This code of golf instruction originated in the year 1897.
  • It was published and copyrighted in the year 1907.
  • "Dunn was tutored by Tom Morris"
  • By H. S. C. Everard, St. Andrews, 1890
  • "How right he has been!"
  • By Sir Henry Cotton, Penina, 1980
  • The Sum Total = Good Golf

Download : "So he times. The activity of the mind, concentrated in the hands, takes charge of the shot just when speed is essential to success." J. H. TAYLOR OR THE INSIDE OF A WEEK BY HAROLD BEGBIE VIII TIMING

Download : "This is the old and still not fully cleared-up question of the snap of the wrists." 'Two Recent Books' Golf Illustrated & Outdoor America 1914 November Vol. 2, Issue 2 R. Stanley Weir

Download : 'BOBBY LOCKE ON GOLF' First Published in 1953. Part 2. How I Play Golf 10. THE WEDGEMASTER Low wedge shot Illustration 6. (overleaf) "Notice how firm my left wrist is..." and "Everyone was amazed that Hogan could be overtaken by a foreigner and beaten. 1947" Bobby Locke Open Champion 1949, 1950, 1952, 1957

Download : "While with a wooden club the ball is struck a loose wristed, somewhat upward stinging slap. With irons it is struck a firm, crisp, downward chop." Original Golf Fundamentals, Dunns of Musselburgh, Scotland, 1922, 1930, 1934

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