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"The ball starts out to the right usually at a very sharp angle rising at a normal height and continues to curve to the right. CAUSE: The left hand is failing in its function as a fulcrum against which the right hand strikes. Immediately prior to and during the moment of the club's contact with the ball, the right hand speeds up the club head. It cannot do this if the left hand fails to offer a backward resistance against the upper end of the club handle. At the moment of impact the hands work not together but against each other." ORIGINAL GOLF FUNDAMENTALS, Musselburgh, Scotland, 1897, 1907, 1922, 1930 and 1934

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Download : "The real downside, of course, is that there is no one magical cure; no one single solution that will eliminate the banana ball forever; no one swing thought or drill that will rid all slicers of the problem. In fact, the causes and cures vary dramatically from one golfer to the next, making many "foolproof" slice cures obsolete... The solution is a square or slightly closed clubface as it contacts the ball." 'GOLF DIGEST CURE YOUR SLICE FOREVER!' By JOHN HUGGAN, Golf Digest's Senior Editor of Instruction Foreword by DAN JENKINS 1. Why people slice... 13 Published By NYT SPECIAL SERVICES, INC. Copyright © 1994 by Golf Digest/Tennis, Inc.

Download : "The majority of players who fail in transmission of power do so because their left hand fails to act as a fulcrum for the right hand to strike against. The left hand must bear back against the right. Maintain this pressure and ask yourself "What am I doing with the upper palm of my left hand?" You will discover that you are very decidedly pressing the club handle backward against the forward pressure of the right hand. This back pressure of the left hand must be exerted at the moment of impact if you are to overcome completely the inertia of the ball. If you fail to do it the club handle may go through, but the club head will come dangling along behind like a cow's tail." By The Dunns of Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland. Scotland's Golf Coast, East Lothian, Scotland

Download : "1923 Becomes Dunn's assistant at the Lake Placid Club golf course. Both spend winters teaching golf in New York City on the third floor of the A.G. Spaulding sporting goods store. Shoots a course-record 66 on Nassau. Score is confirmed by Devereaux Emmett, who designed McGregor Links. Dunn and Emmett were Scottish colleagues; Dunn gets Emmett to give Pulver job in Bahamas." 'LETTERS TO A FUTURE CHAMPION' My Time with Mr. Pulver By Dottie Pepper Page 7 George J. Pulver, Sr., 1898 - 1947 1923 'Becomes Dunn's assistant'. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2021 by Dottie Pepper Published by Mission Point Press

Strike with Square Impact


Download : "Original Golf Fundamental 5. STRIKE WITH SQUARE IMPACT: This means that the club must be facing true to the desired direction of play at the instant of impact." By The Dunns of Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland 1897 1907 1922 1930 1934

Download : 'The Golfer. Dunn. Seabreeze Pro, Has Background Of Golf' Beach Florida Journal, Friday, Jan 13, 1939 "One of five golfing sons of a Scotch golfing father. Seymour Dunn, the new local pro started his golf schooling under his father's tutelage at the age of five Bob was born in the United States but he is as Scotch as the heather and the haggis, and his golf game would delight the heart of the most dour member of St. Andrews. Dunn possesses what is recognised as one of the most powerful drives in golf." Source : "seymour dunn"

"I don't think the fundamentals will ever change. All right, then. What are the major things a golfer must do to be correctly poised and positioned as he hits through the ball? He will be essentially correct in the impact area if he learns to execute three major movements. 1) He must initiate the downswing by turning the hips to the left. 2) He must hit through to the finish of his swing in one cohesive movement, hitting with his hips, shoulders, arms and hands, in that order. 3) He must start to supinate his left wrist just before impact. This is, essentially, all he need concentrate on. The average golfer's problem is not so much a lack of ability as it is a lack of knowing what he should do. The left is a power hand too." Ben Hogan

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