Thinking this to be wrist action, by Percy Boomer

"Too many people try to do something with their hands, thinking this to be wrist action.

But when you analyse it there is no deliberately induced action in the golf swing which corresponds to the mythical 'flick of the wrists'.

Anyway, the word flick is appropriate when we speak of removing ash from a cigarette - but utterly out of place in a movement which sweeps a golf ball 250 yards down the fairway."

Reference : 'On Learning Golf' by Percy BoomerCentered On Wrist Action. Copyright © 1942 by Percy Boomer. First published in the USA by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

Percy Boomer On Learning Golf

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GOLF RESEARCH ARCHIVE 2011 - 2023 - Cure To A Slice At Impact OGF12 Left Hand Must Bear Back The Sum Total = Good Golf

"Of all the faults that one can acquire at golf, there is not one which is so depressing as "slicing". It is caused by the face of the club cutting across the ball, and the faulty action which causes this must be sought." Cecil Leitch

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"Your pet weakness is slicing. First look at yourself, as it were, and see just what you are doing which does not correspond with what you should do. Try this, that, and the other thing, until you see signs of improvement, and when you find you are on the right track keep working on those lines." Walter J. Travis

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