How Long Does it Take to Learn Golf, by Percy Boomer

"Well I am still learning after forty-five years of it!

I have known pupils who hit the ball very well after only four lessons and others who have taken a year or more to do even moderately well, but time is apt to level things out a lot.

Golf is a curious game in being easy of comprehension but (sometimes) very long in realization.

There is much darkness in the early stages, and it is only after a few years at the game that we really come out into full daylight and can assess our own possibilities.

So do not despair if you are trying to learn golf, or better golf, and getting no results.

In finishing this chapter I will return again to the need to make your learning positive. Don't go out to find out what is wrong with your swing, go out to improve it."

Reference : 'On Learning Golf' by Percy Boomer. Part Two On Learning and Teaching. Copyright © 1946 by Percy Boomer. First published in the USA by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

Percy Boomer On Learning Golf

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